Detailed Manual of Auto PinFinder adapter can be downloaded from
First in the World, 100% accurate detection of 2nd CPU
( Used in Dual sim phones)

Auto PinFinder inteligent software can now detect 2nd cpu rx and tx more
accurately than any other box in market. With The new update You can find
1st CPU RX/Tx, then exclude 1st Rx/Tx from detection and start detection
process again, which will result in detection of 2nd CPU

Look what people have to say about Auto PinFinder adapter after using i

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Automatic pinout detection for CDMA/Qualcomm models

If you have on hands any CDMA/Qualcomm phones you are welcome to test automatic pinout detection for this kind of phones.
It\'s just a test version of software, it may be that pinout detection is not so good yet so we need your comments.

be noted that CDMA models pinout detection took more time than for other models, so be patient.

Here is link to download latest PinFinder v1.12 software with CDMA/Qualcomm support:
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