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1.Cruiser software now supports Cruiser UC-20 cable. Updated built-in customizations.
2.Updated TAC list for K320i, K530i, K770i, K800i, S500i, W200i, W380i, W580i, W610i, W660i.
3.Fixed a minor bug related to W350 phones.
4.Solved an issue with some DB2012 phones.
5.Several internal software modules have been updated.


CruiserSuite SE A2 Flasher 1.06

Version 1.06 [081007]
• Loaders upgraded to version R2A065
• Added support for DB3210 C905 and G705 phones
• DB3150 phone list updated

Version 1.05 [080923]
• Loaders upgraded to version R2A064
• Internal updates related to Ultimate Unlocker release
• Lots of internal improvements

Version 1.04 [080623]
• Chinese GUI updated
• Loaders upgraded to version R2A059[/b]

You can download it from www.cruisersuite.com

Ultimate Unlocker v3.05 released - small improvements have been implemented :..
Hi to all,

we have just released new version of Ultimate Unlockers v3.05. Here are release notes:

v3.05 [081112]:
• Improved phone reconnect / restart procedure
• Updated loaders
• Minor improvements

Download the latest version from cruisersuite.com downloads section.

For complete release history and information about Ultimate Unlockers, click here.
Find more information at http://www.cruisersuite.com and at our official forum section.

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