VESPD V4.0 Update

1, add 6600M (NOR / NAND), 6600R, 6800 formatting features to unlock.
2, revised the flash to find the password function.
Remarks:before format , please select the boot and (NAND flash) options, NOR flash formatting need to set the start address and length format, NAND flash formatting without settings.

VE-King box user manual
Welcome to use VE-King box!
Before you use the box, please install the PL2303 Driver.
Connect the box to computer with USB cable, connect Dongle.
1 Scan Define
Click “Scan Define”, select chip, pin, scan mode and communication time, then click “Scan Define”, do as the flasher showed, connect pin out and clips.

2 Spy define ok, then set define,

3 Read

When finish it, save the file that it read out.
need to fold a file first.

Format (Auto format)

MTK video course of VEKing
Download :
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